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TWD - BOOK 1 COVER (5.5X8.5) EBOOK - 2024-4-30.jpg

by Robert J. Bradshaw

An epic fantasy novel (published in four books) that chronicles the appearance of magic in Ardilakk Valley and the one wizard who desperately wants to contain it before their world is destroyed.

by Bradlie K. Roberts

So you think your family’s got issues? Wait until you meet the Bellagamba clan! Our story begins on a day much like any other, with Toni (Val Bellagamba’s daughter) and Marco (Frankie Bellagamba-Amato’s son) set to walk down the aisle. Wait! What?


You heard it right. Once the sisters send their children off on their honeymoon, the rest of the wedding party plans to attend an all-night escape room party in a medieval castle. What could go wrong? Just about EVERYTHING, of course! So, grab a glass (or maybe a bottle) of red wine, kick back, and let the mayhem begin!

Murder at Magnolia Castle
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